What in the heck is risk engineering?

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Making a positive difference in loss prevention™

While science looks for clues to the unknown, engineering applies the principles learned in science. Risk Engineering is an insurance term for the application of engineering skills and methodologies to the management of risk.

In the absence of science, there is only opinion.

Positive Risk Engineering™ is a program based on keeping companies from getting into trouble in the first place. Since 1991, John Taratuta has been applying Positive Risk Engineering™ to consulting, training, support and services for hundreds of North American crane, distribution, logistics, insurance companies, and trade associations. John has helped reduce exposures (risk) in collateral recovery, concrete pumpers, drayage, grain haulers, livery (including NEMT transportation), logging and lumber, open-deck, pneumatic bulk tanker, ready-mix, marine ports, tanker (food grade and chemical), temperature-controlled, towing, lumber and wood mills, and worker's compensation. John is known in insurance, safety, and transportation circles throughout the U.S. for his Risk Engineering thought leadership

John grew up helping in his father's trucking business and farm, held a variety of jobs and later ran a truck driving school for ten years in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before doing risk analysis and loss prevention reviews for top insurance companies. Along the way he picked up a Master's in Teaching (MAT) from Aquinas College. Thousands turn for helpful advice via his safety blog. He is humbled by the chance to serve so many across North America.

When not helping others, John likes to enjoy the outdoors, peruse bookstores, or work on projects.