The Driver's Hours of Service Training eBook

electronic logbook

Updated Hours of Service Training Program

Conforming With U.S. Department of Transportation FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY REGULATIONS and Insurance Company Training Requirements

The DOT Safety Audit Guide Management Program
#SAG101 - Not $24.95 now only $9.95

Here is what you will learn

    • How to properly prepare a Record of Duty Status logsheet
    • Important terms and words
    • DOT required logbook training
    • The 11 Hour Rule
    • The 14 Hour Rule
    • The 60 Hour Rule
    • The 70 Hour Rule
    • The 100 Air-mile radius Exemption
    • The 34-hour Restart Option
    • Form and manner violations

    And much, much more . . . Master the requirements and become more knowledgable!

    For anyone operating a D.O.T. regulated vehicle (usually 10,001 pounds G.V.W.R in most states Check you state requirements), who is required to use a log book.