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Essential Training for Drivers

Part 395 Hours of Service/Drivers' Logs Manual ebook
Log book violations are the number one area cited in roadside stops and DOT audits.

Part 380(E) "New CDL" Driver Qualification Training ebook

Required for all "new" CDL drivers in interstate commerce and several states.
Covers the four required areas of training:

  • CDL Qualification
  • Public Interest Disclosure
  • Driver Health and Wellness
  • Hours of Service

Part 393 Safety Inspection / Load Securement eBook
Prepare for roadside inspections.
Be CSA 2010 Ready!

Three Compliance Guides for Management

DOT Safety Audit Guide eBook
Stay ahead of the DOT auditor and competition.

Part 395 Audit Manual for Hours of Service/Logbooks eBook
One violation may cost $1,000s.
Document your oversight.

Part 382 Supervisors' Reasonable Suspicion Training eBook
All CDL driver managers and supervisors (regardless of any job title) must be trained in reasonable suspicion.

Get on and stay on the fast track to success.

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PART 385 Applies - if you own or operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) over 10,000 lbs GVWR; carry 8 or more people including the driver; or haul any materials that reguire Hazardous Materials placards.

All companies or organizations, (private or for hire), that operate or control one or more Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) (see definition of Commercial Motor Vehicle in 49 CFR Parts 390.5 and 385.3).

Your state may "adopt by reference" most or all of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations (FMCSRs).

Special Note: The DOT is NOT the same as O.S.H.A. in two respects: 1.) DOT rules DO NOT ALLOW an "exception" for the business partner, principal or owner, self-employed driver or owner-operator. 2.) The legality of any trip is determined by "intent" on a trip-by-trip basis. If there is a DOT violation discovered during a Safety Audit or Compliance Review, you may be cited. Contact your legal adviser, if in doubt at any time about any DOT or Federal regulation, policy or procedure.

Regulatory Guidance

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