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Fleet Compliance & Safety Manual
Fleet Compliance & Safety Manual (click here)

Church Bus or Van Ministry?
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Non-Business PMCP?
Be DOT Compliant!

Fleet Compliance & Safety Manual

Non-Business Private Motor Carrier of Passengers


If your Church, School, Organization or Group has been issued a DOT Number, U.S. DOT Number or has applied for a new number, then you need to know which rules and regulations you need to follow.

Non-Business PMCP operations are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Which rules do you need to follow?

Citations may result in fines, an audit, order to correct, re-audit, bad safety record or even an "out-of-service" order.

DOT Policy: if you are recited for the same violation(s) in a six-year period the DOT must assess the maximum fine allowed.

Stay in Compliance with the Fleet Compliance and Safety Manual for Non-Business PMCPs..

  • Who needs a DOT Number?
  • What is a Commercial Motor Vehicle?
  • What Regulations Apply?
  • DOT policies you need
  • What Medical Standards do all drivers need to meet?
  • Who needs a CDL?
  • Who needs to be tested for Controlled Substances?
  • Is a Drug/Alcohol Program necessary?
  • Duties of the company D.E.R.
  • Driver Inspections*
  • Managing Vehicle and Roadside Inspections
  • What about Driver's "Hours of Service" Part 395?
  • Driver training requirements
  • The Accident Register & Investigation
  • Sample Fleet Safety Policy
  • FREE Expert Support by Email or our toll free hotline
  • And much, much more . . .

Based on years of experience: gain valuable insights!
Updated to keep you current.

Wait! There's more: Free access to our DOT Expert Hotline!

Avoid common mistakes and errors, citations, fines or a "bad" safety rating.
Protect your organization from risk, embarrassment and safety hazards.
81/2 by 11 in. 87 pages, coil bound, #FCSM09
Fleet Compliance & Safety Manual
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"I finally found someone whom could answer my questions,"
Ted Wright, Bus Operator, RI

I don't know how I could possibly have gotten through this mock DOT audit without your guide - A lifesaver.

Thanks for all your help.

Bill Lease
Loss Control Consultant
Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Inc.
Houston, Texas