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Part 385 D.O.T. AUDITS
D.O.T. Safety Audit Guide

Safety Leadership
NEW: Be Safe!
Safety Leader's Handbook

Part 380 New Driver Qualification Training
Part 380 Driver Qualification Training on DVD
Part 380 Driver Qualification Training on PowerPoint
Part 395 Hours of Service Logbook Guides
Drivers' Hours of Service Logbook Guide Hours of Service Logbook Audit Manual
Hours of Service Training on DVD

Part 382 CDL Drug & Alcohol Testing
Supervisor's Reasonable Suspicion Training

Professional Driver Development
Part 393 Vehicle Safety Inspection & Load Securement Manual Great for CSA enforcement.

Dressed Lumber Load Securement

"NON-BUSINESS PMCP:" Church, School, Non-profits - Buses and Vans, etc.
FLEET COMPLIANCE & SAFETY MANUAL for the Non-Business Private Motor Carrier of Passengers (PMCP)

Best Value!
New, economical eBooks or eCourses include:
1. The Universal Checklist ... (click here) serves as a both a quick list of required DOT compliance items and for hauling hazardous materials.

2. Entry Level Training for new CDL Drivers eBook ... (click here) contains required training for "new" interstate CDL Drivers and all new CDL drivers in Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.

3. Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors eBook ... (click here) for CDL driver supervisors, dispatchers or managers, who are required to have Reasonable Suspicion Training - before the start of operations.

4. Driver's Hours of Service/Logbook eBook ... (click here) contains Hours of Service training that covers ALL drivers of any Commercial Motor Vehicles or CMVs over 10,001 pounds gross vehicle weight rating.

5. Hours of Service Audit eBook ... (click here) If you employ a driver of a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV), then ALL drivers' logbooks, logsheets, or exemption sheets are required to be verified.

The Knowledge Bonus:

(1) Knowledge is an investment that pays in enhanced productivity, never a cost;
(2) Knowledge can be recycled again and again and again.

The Blog... (click here)
Creating a Learning Culture that reinforces learning.

One of the top executive "derailers," says Judy MacKenzie, "is the Blocked Learner - someone who has nothing new to learn; who lives in the past."

Keep Spreading the Word with Custom Corporate Publishing/Training Materials
Invest in yourself or your organization. Who else will?
Communicate to staff and personnel.
Customized or special:

  • training manuals
  • safety materials
  • fleet advisories
  • newsletters
  • communications, etc.,

can be customized upon request.

Jump Start Package - Save 25%

Eight Common Mistakes - Deadly to Your Company

What Every CMV Driver Needs to Know

A Leader's Call to Action