The CSA/DOT Safety Audit Guide

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Updated Fleet Safety Management Program

Conforming With U.S. Department of Transportation FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY REGULATIONS Covering DOT Safety Audits, Compliance Reviews and Interventions and Insurance Company Requirements

The DOT Safety Audit Guide Management Program
#SAG101 - Not $59.95 now only $14.95
Here is what you will learn

• How to prepare for the DOT auditor, examiner, or investigator
• What to sign . . . and what to never sign!
• Requirements after obtaining a US DOT number
• Setting up the Safety Management Systems (SMS)
• Required policies, procedures and protocols
• The MCS-150 Report

• Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
• Protecting yourself against DOT Number Fraud
• Be CSA-Enforcement Ready!
• The heart of an audit: where you should focus
• CMV Driver Qualification (with sample forms)
• Required driver background investigations

• Drug & Alcohol Testing for CDL drivers
• Duties of the company D.E.R.
• Driver Inspections
• Managing Vehicle and Roadside Inspections
• Managing Driver "Hours of Service" Part 395
• Hauling HazMat "Materials of Trade" (for welders, farmers, etc.)

• Usable Forms
• Areas of Strict Enforcement
• Accident Investigation
And much, much more . . . know the requirements and become more confident!

Written for New Entrants, Owner-Operators, Safety Managers, Insurance Loss Prevention Representatives, D.O.T. Compliance Consultants, Fleet Managers, and anyone operating a D.O.T. regulated vehicle (usually 10,001 pounds G.V.W.R in most states).