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Be a Safety Leader.
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Maximize Safe Operations.
Safety Through Leadership.

Safety Leaderís Handbook

Stay ahead of OSHA/DOT regulators, increase productivity (the key to profitability), and get a leg up on the competition.
Maximize Safe Operations

Challenge: Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) is a DOT "targeted" enforcement program which was piloted for two years as "CSA 2010" before its official start on December 13, 2010, scores companies (and now drivers) based on roadside safety performance. And OSHA is starting to double down on enforcement with more inspections and larger fines.

Strategy: transform your organization's safety mindset. Be a Safety Leader. The Safety Leader always knows and can explain their safety performance and improvements. An added bonus is the higher productivity that follows.

  • Safety Inspections - Identify "danger zones"
  • Accident Investigation - Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk Management - Stay in the Risk Safety Zone
  • Effective Safety Meetings
  • Job Safety Analysis - JSAs
  • Setting up the Safety Committee
  • Safety Training - Create your Master Training Plan
  • Safety Metrics - Measure performance with leading and lagging indicators
  • Statistics - Turn data into knowledge
  • The Safety Leader - Unit 1 .pdf click here
  • End of unit assessments - Stimulate or reinforce key concepts
  • Thoughts and insights - for Safety Leaders
  • Sample Forms - Save countless hours
  • . . . and much more!

An Advanced Safety Management Program for both the DOT's new CSA Enforcement Program and OSHA's renewed enforcement push.

8 1/2X 11, coil bound, softcover 171 pages
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Safety Leaderís Handbook

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Who will benefit?

Anyone becoming a Safety Leader.
Anyone seeking new safety competencies.
Anyone facing new regulatory challenges.*
Organizations and businesses committed to safety.
Anyone in the role or function of a safety manager, safety champion, implementor, safety committee leader or committee member will benefit from the Safety Leader's Handbook.
Find what you need to know right now.

*There has been a tectonic shift in new or "improved" safety regulations and enforcement of those regulations at both the state and federal levels. This trend is expected to continue. In addition, insurance experts point to a coming "tort tsunami."

Get your safety efforts up to speed. This is the one battle you cannot afford to lose. Take charge of Safety. Be a Safety Leader!

"What is measured has a huge impact even if it is not tied to compensation. People pay attention to what is measured."

Jim Collins, Business Efficiency Researcher and author of Good to Great

Order SLG201 not $129.95 only $44.95

Take our Safety Leadership Knowledge Test

How often is "frequent training?"
What are the top decision making traps?
Is there a scientific basis to judge transportation risk?
What should never appear in meeting agendas or minutes?
What safety measurements should one be aware of with Electronic On-Board Recorders?
What are "conditional inspections" and their triggers?

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