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A "team" is defined by common values and goals. There are three paths which teamwork may take:

— Compliance of mandatory agreed upon values

— Noncompliance followed by supervisory coaching, support or remediation

— Separation where long-term coaching fails


Team Ready

— Keep the "saw sharp:" invest in team building

— Hold team members accountable for meeting all standards

— Monitor team member's performance and provide feedback, guidance and support, focusing on safety as an enforced standard and providing positive feedback and additional coaching as necessary

Manager Ready

— All managers, supervisors, etc., need to demonstrate growth:

connect with other leaders by internal networking

connect with other leaders by external networking, for example by
participation in industry associations

learn something new everyday and share that information

— Hire for attitude; train for skills

But know Why (Most) Training is Useless,

"One of my theses is that every individual is now a small business; how you manage your own personal career is the exact way you manage a small business. Your brand matters. That is how LinkedIn operates."
LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Wall St.Journal October 21, 2009
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